Phonetic Matching in Japanese

fuzzystrmatch module extension (for PostgreSQL 9.1)

The jpfuzzystrmatch (hereafter, jpfsm) module is
a Japanese version of fuzzystrmatch module in PostgreSQL.
The jpfsm module contains user-defined functions in PostgreSQL,
and supports Japanese characters in UTF-8.

For more details about the user-defined functions in PostgreSQL,
see Chapter 35. Extending SQL and 35.9. C-Language Functions.


The current release is jpfsm version 1.0.
The jpfsm module is distributed under BSD-2-Clause license.
For more details, read the license agreement.

The source code contains a set of functions reported in the SIGIR '12 workshop paper.
Please use the following BibTex entry when you cite it.
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How to use

user$ tar xvzf jpfsm-1.0.tar.gz -C $POSTGRES_SOURCE/contrib/
user$ cd $POSTGRES_SOURCE/contrib/jpfuzzystrmatch/
user$ make
user$ make install
user$ psql
user=# CREATE EXTENSION jpfuzzystrmatch;
user=# \q

user$ psql
user=# DROP EXTENSION jpfuzzystrmatch;
user=# \q
user$ /bin/rm -rf $POSTGRES_HOME/share/extension/jpfuzzystrmatch*
user$ /bin/rm -f $POSTGRES_HOME/lib/

Copyright (c) 2012 by Michiko Yasukawa (michi [at]
Mon, 23 Jul 2012 18:06:03 +0900